Don’t Let Your Dreams Get Away

I’m off and running again this morning. My daughter has off on Fridays now, working longer days the rest of the week and so we’re going to pick up more bark mulch for the gardens.

I finished proofing Seducing the Wolf and the novella last night and sent it in! Yay! And started on Wolf Fever proofing last night. I have 525 pages to go. These are fun though. It’s just really minor stuff–maybe about 6 questions for the whole mss and the rest I’m just making sure that there aren’t any major mistakes. I’ve been writing the wolf shifters for about 13 years and though people still have flip-phones, they asked if I wanted to revise that, so I have. Technology changes and then books change. lol

I had to revise an earlier book that had phones, but no internet or GPS on them. No cameras, nothing. So the phone had to be left behind when I changed it from flip to the smart phones.

After writing over 40 shifter books, I started changing how I wrote about them–about silver bullets, about being shifters instead of shape-shifters, wolves, instead werewolves. I still use shape-shifters and werewolves when it needs clarification, but it’s just something that I wanted to change so that it’s more uniform throughout the series. And that’s fun for me. Having the chance to do that! And I love the new covers!

Okay, I’m off and then working on Wolf Fever after running errands. It’s so cool this morning, I walked and pulled grass and weeds. I need to do that every morning.

Have a fun and SAFE day!


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Dreams Get Away

    • Lol, Stuart. Over 40 shifter books. Over 60 books with my other series. 🙂 I love to write!! Keep writing!

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