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What’s for Dinner? And a Gathering of Friends

So little one and I did puzzles, and I was trying to teach her how to read a couple of books. And we did matching workbook. We went outside between rain showers and I pulled weeds until I disturbed fire ants. Then we looked for milkweed bugs to get rid of, and then she finally laid down to watch a show. And I continued to proof Vampire Redemption.

But I also took a break and played with some pictures. The scraps of artwork above are from Oscraps–LA Dinosty and I created the pictures from those. So much fun after days of proofing mss.

My mss coordinator said she’d get with me to tell me what my schedule looks like for the next ones I owe them. I know the Wolff Bros book is due October 1st. So I still have a few days before I start on that, which means starting on the Heart of the Highland Wolf novella.

I see something in my mind’s eye–a lake, a hero, a dog, and trouble. A woman and even more trouble. It’s a romance, what can I say?

So on the other front–Texas Children’s Hospital has opened up to adult patients because other facilities in Houston are overwhelmed.

Houston Children’s Hospital Admits Adults as Coronavirus Cases Soar

So stay safe! And don’t get sick.


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