For when you don’t have time to do anything else: A Quick Page from Oscraps. This one is from Old Masters, and the picture in the frame is one I took of flowers at the pond. The rest was created for me. Easy, quick. lol

I’m still trying to make up my word count for Monday. I’m just editing, which means taking out and adding in, so I usually add some, but only 500 words yesterday with little one here. She’s here again today.

I will be lucky if I get 200 today to make word count for Monday. I will be having dinner with the kids after little one goes home.

I’m requesting professional critiques on my art work, rather than protege–doing this for myself and friends, just in case I want to do some for a picture book or something and I want to really learn how to do this right.

I bought some turtle food to feed the turtles and frogs in our ponds. If little one and I can go first thing in the morning to beat the heat, we’re going to go talk to the turtles. The food consists of floating sticks so maybe I can take some pictures while she’s feeding them. I’ll have to teach her only to throw a couple in and wait for the turtles to get them or she’ll probably dump handfuls in and it will all be gone. We’re taking a little bag of them with us to do that and leaving the rest home.

They should be here any minute, so off to try and get to work on art or the book. Last night I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about the book. Which is good, but only if I didn’t have a long day ahead of me with little one. lol

But maybe when I have a chance to write, I’ll be able to write some more scenes and move forward with the book.

Have a great day!!! Hot here and muggy!

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