Fruit Bowl

I love doing these! They’re a lot of work, but I love the end result. On this and the grapes in a sack I got: Nailed It! I need to have 3-5 personal works done. This is the 5th one I’ve done, though I have 3 others partially done. I’m just trying to get into some extra practice before I move on to the review phase and then see if I pass to go on to the next group of lessons–people. The picture is from Pixabay. I can’t wait to learn from the fur course to do dogs and wolves and cats.

Little one is here today. It’s going to be REALLY hot for another week, and then we have a cool down. As in 90 instead of 99, and 70 instead of 80 in the mornings. Tack on 10 degrees heat factor, and that’s our hot weather. But I’m really looking forward to the cool down. I can get more yard work done then.

So I wrote another 2,000 on Wolff Bros yesterday–up to 92K and still need to write about 3 more scenes.

Off to get ready for little one. Dogs need to go out, come in, get fed, go out, trash out, little one here….

Have a great day!


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