Painted Lime in Photoshop–and Brainstorming!

A pretty lime for a margarita

I was working on another fruit picture, figuring it would take a while to get my portfolio reviewed, so I’m a good way into it when I got a Pass on my portfolio! Yeah. So I’m starting on portraits now, though I want to finish the new grapes picture too. I know practice makes for better work.

I did get my Wolf Wore Plaid edits done last night and turned in, yay!

So now–back to Wolff Bros.

I was struggling with what to add to my heroine to give her more character–internal conflict. All the ingredients are there. The story is practically written and I had all the elements in there to make this work, but I needed more of a reason why she sticks to beach resorts for vacations and chooses to live in Florida.

It’s been bugging me all along. What is the reason? What? What? What?

And then my beta reader and I were brainstorming and I had it!

So now the question is, do I add a prologue to show the trauma she experienced? Or do I just show her fear in the beginning of chapter 1? That is the question.

When I wrote one of my vampire books, I had a riveting backstory for the hero and heroine. A reason they had been separated. A reason he was desperate for her to remember him across the ages. I talked about it. Telling. And then I realized the only way to really show their love was to show it. In a prologue, way before the modern day present situation. Forbidden Love. I had to show it in the scene, them loving each other, being torn apart, and….present day. He is on her terminal list. She’s a huntress of vampires. He’s a vampire. He has to convince her she is the one he has loved and that she loves him and has for all time. But she doesn’t even know who he is…

So in that case, trying to avoid writing a prologue didn’t work. It had to be shown.

In this story, I think I’ll begin writing a prologue, see how it turns out, and then I’ll have my answer. I think I’ll also have showing her fear in the opening of chapter 1. Sympathizing with a character is so important.

I weeded, it’s way too hot out even at 7 am. Next week when it cools down on Wednesday, I’m walking and doing yard work. As long as it’s not pouring. But it’s miserable out there right now.

Off to work on the new prologue, the opening of the first chapter, and then I’m off and running on the story. AND, starting my first portrait.

Have a great day!!!


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