Cooler in the Morning, Yay!

Created with Oscraps–sometimes it’s easier to just throw together a picture like this, than paint one!

We don’t get the bitter cold winters or the fall colors, but a little relief from the heat in the mornings is welcome!!

I only wrote 200 words yesterday on Cougar Halloween. I was Photoshop painting when I had a moment. It’s easier to paint and stop and paint and stop when I have to have tea parties and read books to little one, than to try and come up with story ideas when the cartoons are on and I have way too many interruptions.

So today is a writing day. Still painting daily though. I’m in the long hair painting session now, but just finished the last short hair one I needed to do for the class review and did a couple of practice ones also. These are the extra ones I did.

I’m off to walk, then feed the ravenous dogs, then write! And working on the first long haired woman for review, and a long haired little girl for practice.

Have a great day!!


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2 thoughts on “Cooler in the Morning, Yay!

  1. I wish you would paint me some hair on my bald spot. I don’t even care what color you choose.
    We still have warm and muggy up here and it’s about to get hot for the weekend. Looking forward to the next norther. Cheers

    • I can! lol Just send me a picture. My SIL is the same way and he showed me a picture of himself in HS where he had long hair. It was fun! Me too on the weather. It’s supposed to cool down next Thursday finally, I think. 🙂

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