Problem Photos into Art

I look at other artists’ after-pictures and think, oh, that looks easy, and then I begin to work on the original photo myself and realize how messy the hair is, the shirt, I have to get rid of the arm, remove all the stray hairs over the mouth and eye. It’s a challenge like writing is. And it’s fun. Two more to go and these ladies are even in worse shape for painting, but I’ll show them when I’ve finished them. They’re both in progress. And then I move on to the next stage, hopefully.

I typed up my notes for Angel Fae and it is 1,000 words long now. Bear in Mind is 14K now. I finished the final read on Tangling with the Wolf, so I didn’t manage to get any work done on Cougar Christmas. Little one is here today. I did start working on formatting Catch the Cougar, Halloween novella and hope to get it published in a couple of days.

Okay, I’m off to feed the dogs before my granddaughter arrives!

Have a beautiful day!!!


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