Another Review and Catch the Cougar Ebook Released!

Fresh Fiction Review by Kim Roller!

The first of the Red Wolf Brothers books delivers danger and suspense and a little bit of humor. JOY TO THE WOLVES is a delightful story for the holidays that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A book that I couldn’t seem to put down and was very sad to come to an end. A great holiday read. Can’t wait for the sequel!

I’m so glad everyone seems to really be enjoying it!

It was such a fun story to write!

I haven’t had time to write much on Cougar Christmas Calamity, finally managed 1,000 yesterday. I was working on getting Catch the Cougar: A Halloween Novella, published. I still need to make the print cover and get it ready.

It’s a soft release in that Barnes and Noble had a breach and so I couldn’t upload the book to their site and other sites are not showing the links yet.

I hand-painted the cover on this one–Photoshop digital oil painting.

Cougar shifter Vanessa Vanderbilt is Yuma Town’s veterinarian, and though she’s attracted to sexy William Rugel, family physician, he’s on her least favorite list of doctors in town. After all, why wouldn’t he be when he thinks veterinarians aren’t smart enough to make it in medical school? Top that off with the issue of her being stood up twice at the altar, and by different grooms, no less!—so taking up with another cougar isn’t in the plans.

William Rugel has no idea why Vanessa, who he is extremely attracted to, won’t give him the time of day. But everyone in Yuma Town is determined to get the two of them together and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove to her he’s one of the good guys. Even take in a puppy because he knows she adores animals. So does he, but he hadn’t planned to get a dog to get a date!

It’s time for another cougar Halloween party—and since Vanessa had met her last two fiancés at Halloween parties, who knows what will come of this one!

It’s on Google Play, but I can’t find a link. Barnes and Noble has site issues so I’ll try uploading it later. It’s not up on Kobo yet. And it’s not on Apple yet. But it will be coming shortly to all these sites. I think the fae are messing with me!

And I’ll be working on the print cover when I can today. I have little one here so that means not getting a whole lot of work done.

Have a super day!!! I’m off to feed the piranhas, otherwise known as dogs. And then I’ll feed little one who is going through a growing spurt, I think. lol


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