Ghost out Trick-or-Treating!

It’s cold and rainy today–feels like 46, yay!!! High is only 55 for today. The rain is probably from the hurricane in the Gulf. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get anything much more from it. Fingers crossed.

Little one will be here shortly. I managed to catch up on my word count yesterday. I can’t “see” the dark hair of the girl on my monitor at all, which is why I’m having such a time with seeing that the pixels aren’t painted. The reviewer said to use levels to brighten it, but you have to turn it off, paint, turn it on to see the mixed pixels, turn it off, paint. So there’s a calibration tool, she recommended. I need to ask my son-in-law about it first.

All right, so I’m off to do edits before little one gets here. I’m trying to teach her to pronounce the “sn” sounds. She drops the “s” on snake, snacks, squirrel even. And I’m trying to teach her to trace dash and dotted lines without “falling into the lava,” a TV show we watched and so she’s getting much better at it. Also, to color within lines. It helps for eye-hand coordination. She knows all her colors, letters, numbers. Now it’s learning words and some counting and writing.


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