Alice in Wonderland Halloween

My daughter adores Alice in Wonderland–but it’s hard to find Alice stuff that isn’t Disney. When I can, I try to get it for her. She talked her daughter into being Alice in Wonderland for Halloween this year. Because my daughter loves the story so much, I have always gotten my granddaughter Alice outfits over the years and taken photos of her. I’m working on a composite of her for the one this year, if I can ever get it done.

I’ve moved on to the next practice image in the art class and I’ve got to get word count, wish I knew where I was going with the story. When I have an idea, I can really write. So far I’m a 1,000 words ahead, and hope I don’t get 1,000 words behind tomorrow what with Halloween. lol I will be taking care of little one for 3 hours, then we’ll go over to mom and dad’s house to trick-or-treat in the house and have dinner and watch a movie.

Also, I know another book is coming to me for edits soon and that will throw off my schedule. I should be at 31K today.

And the ant killer looks to have worked. I had a thick trail of tiny sugar ants hauling the poison back to the nest for two days. I had bought it on Tuesday morning and set it out about 10 a.m. The line of ants had thinned out quite a bit for the third day, yesterday evening. I kept thinking: it’s working! It’s not working! Because there was still a trail of ants.

The fourth day, this morning, I checked and there are no ants. Not one. So fingers crossed, it worked! But I will keep checking throughout the day.

Okay, enough goofing off. Time to write!


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