National Author Day!

It’s National Author Day!! 🙂❤ When you just need to get away, read a book! We love you and hope you have countless hours, days, weeks, months, years of reading pleasure. Readers are our rock stars!

I sent in my portfolio for the next Photoshop art stage. In the meantime, I’m working on a problem portrait of a composite of a girl with a tree over her face and hair. I’m trying to “remove” the tree while I’m painting her, and maybe add a torso, she’s just a head. I’m trying to incorporate some of the things I’ve learned while I wait to see if I’ve passed or not.

And I need to get back to the story. I managed to write my 2,000 words yesterday. I had hoped to get a little more, but little one was dropped off early, so we had fun instead. They decorated doorways with her stuffed animals and lights and had her stick her hand in boxes to feel witches’ eyes, etc. lol That was my idea. The first one, she was game. The witches’ eyes were green olives, but we loved all the faces and the little squeals she made. But the second one, Grandma had to go first–green noodles. And then, yep, Grandma had to go first again on the last box–she was NOT sticking her hand in goblin boogers–blue cottage cheese. So much fun. lol

Then we watched the new Witches movie and that was fun.

It was cool out this morning, so I was out doing a bunch of yard work, never ending, but the fire ants were snug in their beds so not bothering me, put away all my Halloween decorations, and now it’s time to work on the story! I’ll probably go out and do some more yard work in a little bit.

Have a super wonderful day!


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