Passed My Portfolio–Onward and Upward!

Another work I did in Budding Stage

I have little one here today, so no time to work on anything, but I am eager to get started on the new art lessons.

I had my sales report for Audible/ACX and have learned they’re giving our audiobooks away. So instead of getting any sales, I’m getting a negative amount of sales, I mean in they’re charging me for sales!!!

I moved 13 of my 30 audiobook titles to Findaway Voices already, and thank God, I’m selling books there and getting a small check. I’m trying to recoup my narrator fees from many of the 30 books still!!! I think 8 have finally made a small profit. But with all the others, it’s not like I’m making any money–I’m just trying to break even. So what ACX is doing is a real slap in authors’ faces. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to pull the other 17 titles from ACX until my 7-year contract is up in a couple of years. Some will come due next year and I’ll be switching them as fast as humanly possible. What a shoddy deal!!!

In other publishing news, Barnes and Noble still hasn’t produced Catch the Cougar, A Halloween Novella. In an email, they assured me it’s coming, I don’t have to try and republish it. So I check a few times a day and it’s still “publishing.” It’s coming. I’m sure of it!

In good news, I just signed a contract to write the next 3 wolf books. *Drum Roll, Please!*

White Wolf–David Davis’s story

Billionaire Wolf–the friend of Aiden and his brother’s story

Red Wolf Christmas–Josh’s brother’s story–he runs the reindeer ranch!

That means I need to write them and they will come out in 2022. I know you want them next year, BUT we have a line up for that year too!

Wolf Wears Plaid, Silence of the Wolf’s 10th anniversary release, Wolff Bros Christmas, and another red wolf title.


In the meantime, I’m still working on Cougar Christmas Calamity!

A big shout out to all the postal workers and election volunteers who have worked hard this year in a time of a pandemic.

Okay, little one should be here any moment and I need to get going on my day. Hope yours is great!!!


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