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I love this. Not sure if it’s an optical illusion, the real deal, or a composite, but it’s cool.

So I’m up to 41K on Cougar Christmas Calamity. When I start out, it always seems so daunting. Now I’m over halfway done.

I was back to cutting vegetation out of pathways, need to move another plant–this one a volunteer. I was going to give it to my daughter but she doesn’t want to plant things right now. It will get too big and too difficult to move later, so I’m going to find a spot for it in my garden. The cleaned up garden beds are looking so nice. With cooler temps, it helps to keep vegetation from going so crazy. lol

Okay, little one will be here shortly. I need to get to work. I’m playing around with painting a crepe myrtle. They have new background brushes and that’s what we’re working on now for the class. Just backgrounds.

Have a super day! Happy TGIF!


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