Remembering Our Veterans Today!

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Thanks to everyone for their service, here and abroad, for those who have served, for those who have died in conflict, for those who continue to serve or who will be serving in the future.

To my Mom, Dad (POW of Germany), Grandfather, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Great Uncle (POW of Japan), Me!, Son, Daughter-in-Law, Daughter’s Father-in-Law and others who served in Canada (Grandfather was a doctor during WWI), and others.

Okay, little one should be here any minute. Off to get something done before she comes. She’s going to help me put out rocks today, bark mulch, dust (she really loves cleaning windows and dusting, lucky Grandma!), raking pine needles, and more. Of course, Grandma is doing most of this. Sometimes when I’m working in the backyard, she rocks in a chair and watches the birds and bees and butterflies, and that’s good too!

Have a fun day!


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4 thoughts on “Remembering Our Veterans Today!

  1. I never tire of thanking our veterans.

    To you and all your family, and to my Dad (Marines WW 1) and other family (WW 2)

    Big THANK YOU to each and every one !!!

  2. My fiancé is a US Veteran and spent 12 years in Canada working with the CAF. He would like to say to all his military friends and to all Canadians. Happy Remembrance Day.

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