Parrot Art

Parrot Photo I took at the Dallas Zoo

I’m working on the cover for Cougar Christmas Calamity today. I finished writing it, and then sent it to my beta readers. So I’m hoping to have it ready before the cutoff deadline for getting things published before Christmas. I think it’s around the 20th. I’ll be working on setting up the book on the bookseller sites today.

Well, I do have little one here today, so I’ll be doing whatever I can. I also moved my file cabinet to where I hopefully will spend more time filing, lol, maybe, hopefully, and get more organized. It’s in sight of my desk instead of in a back room.

So that’s another project I’m working on! I’m going through 4 file drawers of files right now.

I also am starting back up on 4theword to see if I can get a little more writing done a day, especially with the holidays going on. It’s kind of cool because you’re battling monsters–the clock, to get something written. What’s neat about it is it forces me NOT to look at emails or stop to do anything for 20 minutes. I get 300 words done in about 10. It’s amazing how much more I can write when I’m not constantly being distracted, playing with photo art, emails, Facebook time, lol and other stuff. I can get the word count down in a short amount of time and then do more or do other stuff then. It works!

But right now, I just need to get ready for my granddaughter’s arrival.

Have a great day!!


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