The Day After Christmas

Flip-flopping between stories, but I’m having fun fighting monsters. I fought the wrong one for a quest this morning though, so didn’t get the quest item. Same monster, but had to fight it in a different area. *sigh* But I got word count, and that’s all that really matters.

I loved these guys’ head decorations. Can you imagine carrying them around all day?

So I’ve been switching from Dangerous Liaisons (vampire adult), Bite of the Vampire (YA), A Date with a Wolf (novella, Silence of the Wolf), Warrior Elf (book 3 in the World of Elves, YA), Dawn of the Jaguar (novella), You Had Me at Cougar, to Bear in Mind. I don’t work on all of them every day, sometimes one, sometimes two, sometimes three of them when I can’t figure out where I am going with another. Even on Christmas Day I managed 2100 words. My normal word count goal is 2,000 words, so I never figured getting that much done. We were busy from about 9 am until 11 pm. So it’s been really a help to me to keep focused when I do have time. A Date of the Wolf is nearly done, Dawn of the Jaguar is halfway done.

I’m off to write. No running around madly for after Christmas sales. I only did it once years ago, won’t ever do it again.

Hope you stay safe and have had a great holiday!


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