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I finished proofing all of Saving the White Cougar, just need to type up changes today, yay! So I was thinking about it and realized I needed to confer more charges against the bad guys.  

When we write a story, we need conflict, or it’s boring. So watching the news, we see plenty of conflict. My friend sent me these articles: soldiers ingest antifreeze, thinking it was alcohol, when they weren’t supposed to be drinking alcohol at a training session; married Texas police chief accused of cheating on his wife–with two girlfriends, arrested after forging annulment document, which is a federal offense. We have stupidity and more stupidity. Really. My first thought is it’s unreal. Unbelievable. But you know the old adage: Truth can be stranger than fiction is true!

Take the pandemic as far as classic case of CONFLICT goes–the rollout of the vaccine seems to be having an impact on new cases of people getting cases–finally!–great news!, deaths of 3,000 a day (a day!) are still happening–not good! BUT now, the variants are threatening to take hold and some of the vaccines aren’t as effective against at least one of them.

This is the stuff of stories. Conflict. Building Conflict. Ticking Time Bomb. Time is running out. People are dying, so the stakes are high. Yes, perfect for fiction!

We haven’t even been able to get a handle on the original virus yet. Way too many people are dying from it. Way too many people aren’t vaccinated against it. Not enough has been done to counteract the effects of the virus when some end up with really bad cases of it. And the numbers aren’t really indicative of the full impact of the virus. Cases of people dying not being reported as COVID, etc.

But if I were writing a story like this, it would be perfect! As in fiction. Not that the world was under siege from a virus that seems unconquerable.

I’m proud of England for rolling out one of the fastest vaccine distribution systems in the world. Maybe we could see how they did it and learn something??? Nah, then where would be the conflict!

Anyway, I’m back to working on the story of romance and shifters and bad guys that can more easily be defeated–not the kind that plans world domination and is so small we can’t see it with the naked eye!

I know it will get better. We just have to keep working at it to ensure we do what we need to do to stay safe and to keep others safe. And I need to stop reading the news!

Have a great day and stay safe!


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