Goat? Art

I’m not sure what this is. A mountain goat of some sort? I took the picture of him/her at the San Diego Zoo, and his fur looks soft enough to pet. Then I added some texture to the background when originally it was just a rock wall. I’ve never shown him before and it was time he received some love.

The temperatures are dropping and I’m cold! Normally, I get outside and do some weeding, but I feel like just hibernating right now.

A friend has set up a Fine Art account for her photography and I’ve had a lot of requests for photos turned into canvas, so I started working on setting up an account and we’ll see how it does. It’s really cool, and I might even order something off it for friends since it would be my own artwork and it would make it more special for them, hopefully!

Anyway, I finished proofing Saving a White Cougar and then I started on proofing Primal Desire. I’m up to ch 9–12 chapters to go. Once I’ve proofed it and I have nothing more to add, I’ll send it to my beta readers and then I’m off to finish white wolf! And work some more on You Had Me at Cougar.

I’ve read where we could have a Covid super spreader event after the Super Bowl this weekend, let’s hope folks have enough sense not to gather in large crowds. I’m going to the kids’ house to have grilled chicken wings. But it will be just the usual 4 of us. 

Hope you all are staying safe. My daughter said she had to get another condolence card for someone’s older relative who had died from COVID.

Have a great day!


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