Coming Up Peachy!

Peach rose in my garden! I love it because it can be pink or orange, or nearly white, or dark pink, or apricot all on one Knockout rosebush.

I’m excited to have finished Saving the White Cougar and Primal Desire and they’re out for beta reading. Or will be soon. But they’re done otherwise, yay!

So yesterday we watched the football game, had chicken wings and I haven’t had those in a long time, so they were good.

I finally went home and I worked on A United Shifter Christmas novella for the anthology with other shifter writers and have 1691 words. That’s at least a start while I try to figure out where I’m going with it. But sometimes I’ll just start writing about the character, some back story, some conflict, and then the rest starts to fall into place. In this one, he’s a homicide detective from previous stories who has discovered that shifters, both wolves and jaguars, exist. So he wants to be part of the team. He wants to be a wolf. The anthology is supposed to be about wolves, but I’ve had a request for more on the United Shifter Force, so figured this was a good way to tell his story that I might not ever have time to tell.

I also wrote on Angel Fae yesterday also and it is now at 10K. Yay! I usually write the teen books at about 50K+. So it’s well on its way to being a book.

I also worked on White Wolf, just editing, and I was looking up characterization sheets, story plot ideas, to see where to take it. It’s nearly the minimum of 80K. Some scenes I love! But I need some driving motivation to do something other than just mate the woman who freed him from her pack a few years back. 🙂 Also, I don’t think I ever really gave his backstory in previous books, except that he’d had a heart attack at 35. So I need to figure out some of that.

And that’s it! Today I have a library video chat I’m doing with fans, and I hope I don’t totally screw it up. lol I’ve never done one before!

Have a great day and I’m off to see what trouble I can get myself into–or really just my characters!


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