Bald Eagle Photo Art

Injured Bald Eagle

The bald eagle had been injured and taken into the zoo and cared for. It’s in an open pen so it can fly off as soon as it’s healed enough. It was trying while we were there, but it has a way to go before he/she can take flight. She was just beautiful.

I don’t usually get this many great shots at the zoo, but I’m glad that I did since going there is such a long drive and through the awful Houston traffic. I loved going to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, because the parking was great and I could go nearly at any time in the morning and practically had the zoo to myself. I used to have a zoo pass for that reason. Great for picture taking and just taking walks. I love the one in Omaha too because it’s even bigger and hilly, and you get tons of exercise.

Because it was so warm yesterday, it was a great day for weeding! I got quite a bit done. I picked up a new kneeling pad that isn’t as hard as cement like the other one! And that helped considerably. I just have to use it when my granddaughter isn’t here or she uses it as a resting place to lie down on. lol She’s a nut. I hope to get some more done today. It’s really starting to heat up. I like the 60’s in the morning. I feel more motivated to do yard work than when it’s 40 degrees out. But when it’s 40, no fire ants are out, so there is a tradeoff and I’ve noticed more mosquitoes are starting to arrive.

Still just doing edits on Billionaire, so not getting a whole lot done. I’m at 64K now, 16K to reach minimum word count goal.

We were out front taking a walk and then checking the flowers that had come up and she wanted me to take a picture of her sitting on a rock in front of the flowers. I need a little bench out there. But something that doesn’t rot or rust. A stone bench would be great, but they’re so heavy to move.

I need to go to the grocery store again. I didn’t get enough food last time!

Hope you all have a great day! I’ve got to get to work!

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