Yellow Flowers and a Honeybee

Usually, I’m not big on yellow, but I have yellow lantana, coreopsis, two different varieties, don’t recall what these flowers are, and one other yellow flower in the bed. And then purple salvia. I’ll have zinnia in there that are coming up and sunflowers. It’s really pretty.

We had a lovely Mother’s Day, and I always enjoying hugging on the grandkids. Really lovely time. And of course I took pictures. Need to download them.

Everyone was tired. Them with the new baby, and me because I didn’t sleep well either. No baby as an excuse.

Then I returned home to work on the book again. I had worked on it all morning before I went over to have lunch with them.

Honeybee on a yellow flower.

I had moved one scene earlier in the book and that changed everything, and then too, I had been writing some scenes I thought should be in the story, and just tacked them on the end until I could find where they should be. So it’s been a month since I did that, and I get to the end on edits and I’m like why are these scenes out of order? lol

It’s wonderful when you can write a story from beginning to end, perfectly linear. But my mind doesn’t work that way sometimes. So this afternoon, I spent the rest of the day trying to sort out what I could use of the scenes at the end of the book and put them where they belonged and discard the rest. Obviously, I did not finish the book this weekend. But I’m getting closer.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was too short!

Have a great day!


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