Bearded Dragon

This is a photo of my friend’s Bearded Dragon and I played around with digitally watercoloring it. Yes, I know watercoloring is not a word. I think it should be. lol

I’m on ch 13 of 30 chapters of Silence of the Wolf proofing and then have another 10 for the novella, so getting there!

We’re supposed to only have a slight chance of rain this morning, so we’re going to get our chores done early. Maybe walk, and then be home this afternoon if the storms hit. They might come around 2 and we’ll just stay in then.

We had another 3″ of rain yesterday. Chances of rain are high Saturday again, but it looks like we’re going to have a drying out spell for the next couple of days. The ground is saturated, the ponds way up, so we could use a little drying out.

I’m hoping to get some more proofing done today and also work with my granddaughter on workbooks too. I didn’t tell her a schedule for today, because I didn’t know how the weather would be. And if I told her one, she would be bugging me to do it, even if I changed my mind.

It’s really foggy this morning and it’s already warm. Tomorrow it will be in the 90’s and the next day also. The heat is on.

Well, I’m off! Have to feed the dogs, the birds, and my granddaughter when she gets here. She always wants to eat at my house–different foods.

Have a super duper day!


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