Daylilies in the Garden

These are 3 foot high daylilies and like the others, they have really spread into a beautiful array of flowers. I really needed to take a picture of the original flower as I plant it and when it’s barely emerging, to fully grown after a couple of years.

Well, I’m getting closer to the end of proofing the re-release of Silence of the Wolf. I finished proofing Silence, but am now working on the second chapter of the new novella SEAL Wolf Pursuit that will come out with the updated book. I really liked the way I had included a couple of other people’s POV scenes in Silence of the Wolf. In later books, sometimes, the editors have taken it all out. Sometimes they want me to and I’ve said no because it’s way too integral to the story.

I’ve skipped doing that in more recent books, not wanting to waste my time on scenes that are going to be thrown out. However, I really like the way I did that. It gives more depth to the story. So I think I’m going to start doing that more with my indie books and not just show the hero and heroine’s POV unless it works fine that way.

With all the rain and heat we’re having, it’s mosquito repellent time. I was trying to take pictures of a dragonfly last night and getting eat up. And the fire ants are trying to take over!

Hope you all have a beautiful day. I’m off to feed the dogs and get back to proofing. Hope to have this done today!


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