Scrap Art Picture + Water Lily

I created this with Lynne Azeltic’s designs from Oscraps. They’re fun to use if I want to just create a scene and not take a ton of time to do it. I still created shadows under the ducks, and had to mask off some of the turtle to make him look like he’s partly under the water, and added the reflections of the geese in the water but they’re really easy to do. Still I really want to create my own.

Also, I have a waterlily photo I took in San Diego and used Topaz Labs to create an oil painting look.

Yesterday was a great day. We had fun and my daughter gave me books on composting, since we both have composters but I don’t use mine enough, and how to gather seeds to plant, and that’s something I’ve been doing since last year, so that will give me some new cool ideas. The stuff in my composter is already composted, but I need to add more to keep it going! I thought you couldn’t put weeds in the composter, but actually you can as long as they don’t have seeds on them. So that was one thing I learned already.

It’s cool this morning, yay! So I was out pulling weeds and grass. We didn’t get the rain yesterday after all. And it looks like we won’t get any rain until maybe Tuesday. So we’ll dry out a bit.

I had my ice cream sundae, expecting to gain, but you have a birthday once a year, so I figured that would be my extra 28 points and hopefully it would cover it. I lost 0.2 lbs. Watching what I was eating the rest of the day really worked, to my surprise! Of course I couldn’t eat a sundae daily, but I figure if I can watch what I eat and then have a treat every once in a while, I’m good.

I didn’t get much written, but reread the last two chapters I had been working on and revised them. I hope to really write today and tomorrow before I’m back to having little one here and picking her up at daycare every afternoon. I spent a lot of yesterday working on the Memorial Day pictures I took of the family. I need to get back into the writing saddle and start getting word count again! I’ve already got a 1,000 words on You Had Me at Cougar this morning, so up to 37K!

Hope everyone is having a great day! I’ve fed the dogs and I’m ready to write.


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