Blue Blue Dragonfly

I took these photos on Memorial Day. I keep trying to get shots of a green one in my yard, but the dogs chase it off, not on purpose, just running by it. By the time I’ve gotten them inside and I’m ready, the dragonfly has vanished. I’m not giving up. lol

Four chapters left to proof and the epilogue, though I want to reread the first two chapters that I had made several changes to. And then it’s ready to turn in!  I need to write the synopsis for it also while the story is fresh on my mind because they’ll be requesting that soon also.

I had one of those awful nights. I slept a full five hours, yay! But then woke and could not sleep. At all. I mulled about the Christmas story I need to write, about the next red wolf Christmas story, about Angel Fae, about You Had Me at Cougar, Bear in Mind. Hmm, no wonder I couldn’t sleep!

On WW, I’ve lost 1.8 lbs so far this week. I was paddling around in the water for an hour and a half with my granddaughter yesterday which helped. Instead of just sitting at my desk editing.

We took her to her first dance class and she didn’t want to go in. I took the baby and my daughter finally got her to start participating, so she’s signing her up. She wanted to do what they were doing, tumbling, dancing, jumping around. I think she’ll be fine once she gets used to the girls, and the building. She was so tense when she started doing things with them, that she was bouncing around like I’d given her a pound of chocolate candy before we went there. She hadn’t had any dessert, but I think she was so scared, that she was hyped up on adrenaline. lol

Well, I’m off like a turtle to finish Billionaire so I can get back to the others! Have a great day!!!


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