Beta Wolf in All Her Glory

I worked on this wolf, a beta, a picture I took at a wolf reserve in Texas. And then I added one of my own cloud pictures, grass, water. I love water and I enjoy adding it to a composite. I did give the wolf a reflection, but then the water didn’t look realistic enough, so I added a different water on top and it was more rippled, so the reflection of her legs was more hidden. Ripples in water would distort a reflection anyway. I’ve been working on another wolf photo I took, but it’s still not done. And added more of my clouds–Texas has some spectacular cloud formations.

I’m going to try and get more done on You Had Me at Cougar today, but most of the day will be crazy busy. I was going to walk last night, but the heat index was 98. This morning it is 77 degrees, much better. So after I feed the dogs, I’m off to get my walk in! I did manage 1,000 words yesterday, but was doing a lot of cutting and adding so it meant I only managed 1,000 instead of more. I did write a new scene last night and need to type it up, but I’m afraid I’ll be cutting some of the old stuff too.

Okay, I’ve got to get going before little one is here. Because after that, it’s hectic. Well, more so than usual.

Have a wonderful day!!


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