Adding a Little Fantasy Makes the World Go Around

I was out weeding, another cooler morning, yay! I need to put out the trash. But I’m thinking I need to take a walk too. So many things to do when it’s cooler for only a few more minutes this morning!

I created this from a mushroom background photo, added another mushroom, and then added the rendered Leafling Elf, tree frog, flowers and worked magic on the whole thing. Her eyes are human. I didn’t like the look of the 3D eyes. And I added human hair also. And of course all kinds of shadowing, light, blurring to give depth of field and reduce the sharpness of edges.

Sometimes it’s fun to jump into a fantasy world before I go back to the real world of shapeshifting wolves and cougars. lol

Have a great day!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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