Playing with More Oscraps Challenges

These are different Oscraps challenges just to play around with. And they’re fun when I need a break from writing and life.

I need only 9,000 more words for You Had Me at Cougar to get my minimum word count. Yay!

So today we’re back to me taking care of little one two days a week and picking her up after school. I managed to actually get 4,000 words on Saturday, and then just a 1,000 yesterday.

I was out photographing the beautiful sunset the other day and my neighbor’s redheaded granddaughter was out with her dad so I took pictures of her so I can turn it into a fantasy picture for them.

I’m working on photos I took of the family to give to them. And then it’s back to the book. Well, and little one will be here. I’ve been losing on average 2 lbs a week also, so I’m really happy about that! I’m at my first goal, working on my next. 🙂

Hope you all have a fun day!


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