Mustard Butterfly

I learned something new! The White Cabbage Butterfly has spots, the White Mustard Butterfly does not!

Well, I started the Christmas novella yet again, but it still isn’t want I want. lol. Four different starts. I don’t usually do this. I usually just have an idea, eventually, and run with it and get stuck along the way. *sigh*

So I’m taking care of both kids this afternoon. I need a baby swing. I need some safety scissors for my granddaughter. Her preschool teacher says she needs practice cutting out shapes. Soooo, Grandma is going to practice with her if I’m not walking baby the whole time. lol

We’ll find shapes around the house, trace them, and practice cutting. Maybe work on our rainbow sewing project and paint a giraffe rainbow colors. She loves everything rainbow, so everything she does, she has to make rainbowish.

Okay, I’ve got to get some stuff done before they get here. Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend!!!

I’ve got to figure out this story. I even watched two Christmas movies to try and get in the mood. *double sigh*


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