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May be an illustration of text that says 'TODAY isthe FIRST DAY the rest your IFE. by Charlos Dederich Spread your wings and fly!'
I created this with a photo of seagulls in flight in Daytona Beach and other items from Oscraps.

No AC again. Ugh. And I was supposed to get a delivery and waited all day for it, but the person that was supposed to deliver it decided he didn’t want to, and said I wasn’t there, when I was. All. Day. No one came to the door.

So they’re going to try and fix the AC today, if they can get the coils in, but they only work a half day. Not sure about it. I stayed with the kids last night because it’s so hot at the house. But I’ll be at my house all day, if they’re going to come to fix the AC. Again. Hopefully it will be. If not, I’ll probably stay at their home again tomorrow night. I need to take the dogs in and out and feed them, so I have to be home for some of the day.

But I AM going to get lots done on this novella this weekend. I’m determined.

I wanted to get so much more done on the novella, did a lot, but had so much craziness today, didn’t get as far as I wanted to.

Today I learned a group of employees went to a conference–can’t give details–but they went to a bar after their meetings during the day and were drinking out of a communal bowl of liquor. Swapping spit, ewww. Did you know you can get mouth herpes that way?

It’s bad enough during normal times, but to drink from a container that everyone else is drinking from too now??????? These people are all educated too, but hey, get drunk, lose brain cells. Four are in the hospital with COVID, countless others all came down with COVID. I guess alcohol doesn’t kill the virus, right?

Okay, so today is the first day of the rest of my life, and that means, I’m going to get somewhere with this book, AC, or no AC, delivery, or no delivery. Never give up, never surrender.

Have a super fun day!!!


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