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A color challenge activity. I added all the elements then changed the color of the sky to show a sunset, changed the kids’ clothes, the color of the fish, the lake, the sail on the sailboat.

I’m blogging here at Karen’s Killer Book Bench at 8 am Denver/MSD, so the link won’t work until then, on You Had Me at Jaguar! I’ll be doing a giveaway there. Thanks to Karen for hosting me!

I made quite a lot of progress on the novella yesterday! Yay! But I still have a way to go before I sleep. Like all the books I’ve written, I wanted to have a nice twist, something I haven’t ever done before. I’ve written about a 100 books, so coming up with something new is always a challenge, but I had it and I ran with it. Now I just need to write a couple of more scenes and I’m done. I’m up to 27K. Needed 20K minimum.

Little one is here today, so going to our last swim day, painting rocks, writing letters and doing other workbooks, reading, taking a walk, maybe starting a new sewing project. She wants to stay overnight with Grandma–“Sleepover, sleepover,” she said when I had burgers with them last night.

We’re going to have one Friday coming up. I need to finish this novella and she’s not conducive to writing, though we have a lot of fun. I did sleep over on Friday night because the AC had gone out again, so she came into my guest bedroom at 6:30 in the morning and was talking away. Luckily, I was awake. lol So we read stories and she was disappointed that I didn’t stay over last night so she could visit with me in the morning.

Hope you all have a great day!!!


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