Not a Sprain

Mermaid in the Surf

This was actually a mermaid statue my dad bought, to my mother’s embarrassment. I painted the mermaid’s face to give her more of a human quality. He happily showed it off to all their friends and my mother planted all kinds of plants around it to hide it as much as she could. lol

Thanks to my daughter, I went in to get my wrist xrayed. I wasn’t going to. I figured it was just a sprain and though it’s still swollen and hurts, I went in to humor her. It’s a fracture. So thanks to my SIL who got me a splint right after it happened from CVS, and to my daughter who insisted I have it checked out. Now the hard part.

It took me 4 days before I could get an xray because of COVID cases. Can I get an orthopedic appt to see if I need a cast? Hopefully not surgery.

A business owner was shot six times in Houston, just horrific, but he has a broken leg and he can’t get surgery because of all the COVID patients. It’s just awful. I hope he gets the surgery soon so he can begin rehab.

So hopefully my wrist will be fine with sticking with the splint or maybe a cast if they can do it. But I have to say it really crimps my typing and I can’t hold a heavy camera.

I did win one of the art contests though and that was really nice news. And I did manage 2,000 words yesterday.

We had thunderstorms last night, lots of thunder, no rain. *sigh*

Okay, I”m off to get some edits and new scenes typed up to work on my next 2,000 words, maybe 3K if I can manage. I’m at 10K today. 70K to go!

Have a refreshing day!


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