Closeup of a Curious Crane

A closeup of a curious crane at Wolf Canyon, Omaha, Nebraska. He was so cute, coming right up to the car window. This part of the park is drive thru.

So I finished edits and managed 1,000 words last night on my “off day.” I don’t have writing scheduled for the days I take care of my granddaughter because I often just can’t manage. At that point, I wanted to get another 1,000, but my brain was bankrupt.

I finally gave up and went to bed, and had an idea. lol So sometimes, I just need to shut down, and there it is. I wrote about 800 words, need to type them up to see the total. And then I woke way too early and I had another idea. I’m typing up the new idea first because it’s in my head. I can type the notes I wrote last night afterward. Hopefully they’ll amount to about 1500 words. At least I hope!

I’m shooting for 3,000 today so I can make it to the minimum halfway point on the book. Though I really need to write 3,000 a day to make my deadline on my 5 working days. And I managed to create the video for You Had Me at Cougar. I need to do some more for upcoming releases. 🙂

Okay, I’m off to work! Have a beautiful day!


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