Hocus Pocus–and the Wolf

Decided to have some fun with Halloween picture creations before Halloween is over since I write paranormal and I don’t want the chance to slip away! It doesn’t mean I won’t make them afterwards either. Halloween is any time of year!

I sent my wolves out this morning at five to chase off the rats, but the rats haven’t returned. I guess that will work for a little while, anyway! But I’m sure they’ll be back–like Arnold would say.

I usually listen to another youtube music video if I need some music. I’m writing about the fae, Angel Fae, this time, and I saw this picture when I was trying to help a fellow Photoshop user with how to create clipping masks and sent her some tutorial links. But this caught my eye and I and wanted to see what the music sounded like. Perfect so far! Dramatic, otherworldly. So I’m editing before I begin typing notes I wrote last night. It’s so much more fun when I can listen to music that makes me feel as though I’m in their world….

Okay, I’m off to work. Halfway done on Angel Fae.

It’s been hot in the mornings even, but once it’s light out, I’ll try and get some more weeding done. Have a super fun day and let the music carry you away!


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