It’s November Already! How Did That Happen?

I swear it’s the beginning of the year and the next thing I know it’s the end of the year!

Somehow I managed to get 1,000 words on Angel Fae and another 1000 on Wolf Pack. Today I need to go to the dreaded dentist. The usual stuff. And I need to pick up a turkey. My daughter says make it 6-8 lbs. My son says to make it 14-20 lbs. lol Both are serious. My SIL loves ham, so I’ll pick up a small ham.

Tomorrow we’ll be getting a cold front in. The temperature is dropping to the 40s and only a high of 60s, which is rather cool for us. I will be bundling up for sure!

I’m hoping I can get my word count for Wolf Pack today. I managed NaNoWriMo despite having little one here, but I had to do it all after she left for the night.

I have word count on Angel Fae, just trying to wrap up the story. I have the cover for the next book, which is just as gorgeous. It’s a picture of a male fae for a change. Can’t wait to write it. But I have so many other stories to finish and to start. *sigh*

Hope you have a glorious day!!! It’s time for me to get to work before I have to run to the dentist.


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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