The Falcon Fae

I created this using Daily Texture backgrounds and the girl and falcons are from Daz3D. I needed a taste of fall. I actually do have a Falcon Fae story out.

Falcon Fae

(The World of Fae, Book 9)

Prince Owen is tasked with the mission of encouraging Sigrid—a magic user, a falcon fae like him, and the granddaughter of the traitor who tried to take over Owen’s grandfather’s kingdom—to return with him to the falcon fae kingdom to fight their enemy. Only, as far as Sigrid is concerned, Owen and his royal family are her enemies.

She is their last hope to fight a powerful mage, but she’s not buying it. Not until the dark fae queen advises her to do what her grandfather had tried to do before she was born—take over the kingdom!


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My daughter wants to decorate for Christmas before my son gets here, but I have everything done up in fall for Thanksgiving. So I think what I’ll do is when he arrives, poor guy–but he did say he’d help me decorate for Christmas–we’ll set up the tree and then AFTER Thanksgiving, we’ll set up the rest of the decorations.  I don’t do a lot outside because it’s just too hard for me to do myself and I don’t want to pay someone exorbitant prices for putting up lights on the house, etc. I used to do that with my old homes. I mean, myself. But even though it’s a one-story, the overhangs are higher. I can’t even reach the gutters to clean them from an 8 foot ladder. I need to be at least 6 feet tall. Or have stretchable arms. lol Or have a taller ladder. And with uneven ground, I can just imagine myself falling and breaking something. My neck the next time, maybe.

So I finished edits on Angel Fae, but I realized that I had mentioned her friend later in the book, so I needed to rectify that, and the assassin from the beginning needs to be tied up somehow. Which meant I went to bed really late, and couldn’t stop thinking of how to do both these things!

I finally just ended up writing a few notes down at 2:30 this morning because I knew two things: I would keep thinking about them, trying to remember them. And when I woke the next morning, I’d probably have forgotten what I had come up with. So that should work, right? Yes and no. I quit thinking about the story, true, but then I kept thinking about a million other things.


Okay, so I’m off to write up my notes, and hopefully finish this all the rest of the way and turn it over to my beta readers.

Then I’m back to working on Wolf Pack. It’s my NaNaWrMo book, but it’s more important to me to finish the book that’s nearly finished. Not to mention I’ll be getting edits in for a couple of other books, I always do at Thanksgiving, so I need to have time to do that.

Have a super fun day!!!


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