Price Drop! Shifters and Mistletoe

Kobo ran a special on the book for a few days and so Amazon matched it. Back to 99 cents for anyone who missed the preorder!…/dp/B09HBNF55Y

Wolf’s Holiday by Asa Maria Bradley

Stuck in a mountain cabin, Immortal Viking Ulf Stenrik regrets volunteering to fetch a Yuletide gift from a reclusive woodcarver. A ferocious storm forces wolf shifter Nora Bretagne to seek refuge in that same remote shack. The alpha Norseman and the fierce wolf spark electricity hot enough to melt a freezing blizzard, but it takes a Holiday miracle to make them admit they’ve finally met their true match.

Fated in Winter by Carrie Ann Ryan

Conner Jamenson knows two things: One day he might turn rogue and he can never risk his mate. Romy Temple has spent nearly a century alone, and isn’t ready for the fates to decide her path. With a rogue on the loose and the winter season approaching, two wolves who promised they would never fall find themselves on the brink of doing what could cost them the most—each other.

A Cursed Noël by Cecy Robson

After losing his father and lashing out at the world, it will take a Christmas miracle for Aric Connor to save his mate Celia and become the alpha his pack needs. But miracles happen—and Celia might be the miracle Aric most needs.

Cowboy Wolf Christmas by Kait Ballenger

Grumpy Grey Wolf, Silas Buck hates Christmas and everything that comes with it. As duty to ranch and pack forces this cowboy wolf to confront his ghosts of Christmases past, his newfound pack-mate, Cheyenne, is saddled alongside him for the ride. But when a sudden snowstorm forces them to spend a heated night together, Silas just may find Cheyenne’s sunshiny ways warm his long-frozen heart.

Better Watch Out by Kate SeRine

Seth “Big Bad” Wolf never believed he would get his very own happily ever after—until he found it with Lavender Seelie. But as the holidays draw near, Seth senses something dark and deadly on the winter wind. And one thing’s for sure—whatever evil is coming better watch out, ’cause there’s nothing Seth won’t do to protect the family he’s finally found, even if that means unleashing the full fury of the wolf inside…

A Second Chance at Snow Ridge by L.E. Wilson

If it wasn’t for a cow named Mistletoe, they never would’ve met, and this never would’ve happened. But it’ll take more than the magic of the holiday season to give this shifter a second chance to win back his first, and only, love.

Wonderland by Maria Vale

In the eleven years since her mate died, Leonora has immersed herself in teaching wolves how to deal with humans, the new apex predators. She doesn’t even have time for her oldest friend, Sten, the huge, terse and terrifying head of Carpentry. Now, with an encroaching storm and a disastrous attempt to introduce wolflings to peculiarities of human holidays, Homelands itself seem to be conspiring to bring Sten and Leonora back together.

A United Shifter Force Christmas by Terry Spear

United Shifter Force agent, Rowdy desperately wants to be a wolf shifter. He volunteers to help another agent with her cases, but Justine can’t believe he’s human! Can the sexy, former homicide detective convince her he should be a wolf too while forging an even deeper bond?


So back to the real world! Little one and I are sorting through old pens to see what is working and what needs to be thrown out. We make a great team. lol And it’s something that she was excited to do. Otherwise she was too tired to do anything when she first arrived. That perked her right up. We were going to make sock snowmen but I didn’t have one of the items we needed. So we’ll make them another day.

Someone asked for the link to the bears and here are some of them.

Rainbow and Tinsel Fun and Other Colorful Bears

I was reading over a Highland book I’d started. And adding to Bear in Mind yesterday, shipped two bears and have two left to finish up. Yesterday we went to Spring ISD kitchen managers’ gingerbread houses. So many were so cute, it was hard to decide which was the best! My granddaughter said they were all great!

Here’s one of our favorites. Clifford!

Have a fun-loving day! I’m off to get busy! Little one got tired and is on the couch yawning and watching a preschool show. She managed to get through a lot of the pens at least!


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