Merry Christmas!

A Cardinal Happily Eating on Christmas Eve

I was trying to get the dogs to all sit together for a photo. Here are my attempts, lol.

Okay, so my dogs will sit still on their cot since I used it for training since they were puppies and I finally resorted to that but I couldn’t get the corgis to sit on either side of them for anything. I had the treats and the corgis wanted to get closer to me. My dogs knew to sit on the cot until I released them.

At least I got them all to look at me, though Luna’s ear is in front of Max’s face. *sigh*. I will try again later!

I’m having Dog Days of Christmas and having a blast. Finished While the Wolf’s Away proofing, turned it in and I’m working on The Emerald Isle of Mist next!

Have a fun day!


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