Maybe the Pixie Did It!

So I paused the series I was watching and took all the dogs out and when I returned with them, unpaused Wheel of Time and there’s no sound. I hadn’t touched the sound controller. Sometimes if I’m gone for a LONG time and restart a show, I have to turn up the volume again because it stops the sound. But I hadn’t been gone for any time at all. Sooooo, I tried a million things, then unplugged the sound bar and replugged it in. And it worked.

The thing was, I think it might be going out on me because it did that earlier too. And I hadn’t even left the room, paused the TV, or anything. The sound just stopped. But it’s an old soundbar my son gave me so he could get a new one for himself, just like the TV had been. It was so much better than my old TV. It was one of those ancient ones that weighs a ton and takes up a whole cabinet. You know the ones I mean. Before flat screens. And I’d never had a soundbar so that was cool.

Anyway, after six years his old TV went out on me. So I suspect the soundbar might also. Now, in the past, I’d say it was the fae. But I don’t know. If you look at this pixie’s expression, I’m rethinking things!

I’m off to work on the story. I have 15,000 words to go. Yay! From 2,000, ten years ago, to 45,000 in a few weeks, not bad! It might end up being longer than 60K…I never know. But I’m hoping I can wrap this up soon, let it sit so I can revise it with a fresh mind, and in the meantime, get started on the new deadline book–Kayla Wolff’s story.

I was thinking spring for them, but that could still mean snow (ski resort in Colorado). It just doesn’t even feel like winter here. We’re going to be at 84 degrees on New Year’s Eve. But watch us get snow in February. Weirder weather, you know. Okay, off to get to writing!

Oh, oh, oh, 10th Anniversary Release of Silence of the Wolf comes out tomorrow!!!

Have a great day!


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