Cardinal in the Garden

Cold temps today again. Little one here so I’ve been busy this morning. This is a photo I took of a male cardinal with a sunflower seed in his mouth.

So have I mentioned my crazy little dog lately? Tanner, well, neither dogs are allowed in my bed. But I caught him on my bed the other day when I thought he’d slipped away to sleep in his crate. Last night I’m working away on my story, Max is sleeping on my lap as usual, and Tanner is? In his crate, I thought. So I hear this panicked barking in the bedroom. I’m thinking he found a dog biscuit wedged under his crate and he can’t get to it. I go in there–no Tanner. He’s not by the crate, in the crate, anywhere in my bedroom. And he’s not barking.

Then I see movement on my bed, under the covers, and I realize he somehow trapped himself under the covers, headed for the foot of the bed, and has no way out.

Which made me wonder, does he have claustrophobia? Well, if he didn’t have it before, he might have it now. Will it stop him from sneaking into my bed? Maybe. lol

Or not!

Have a fun day!!


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