The Cold is Here!

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It feels like 32 this morning. I’m teaching my granddaughter to read. She doesn’t want to learn, but I keep telling her that if she wants to learn how to do fun projects–she needs to learn to read so she can read the directions. We’re making You*Niverse jewelry today also and she’s painting some drink coasters. But she’s also been doing a bunch of workbook pages–she just opens up her books and starts to work on them! So that’s been fun.

I am up to 23K on the book and approved the Dawn of the Jaguar narration. On the book, I changed my idea of where I want to go with it, so I spent most of the day revising it to go with the new idea, but I still managed to get word count.

They’re predicting sleet tonight. Ugh.

Hope you all are having a fun day!!!


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