Meerkat on the Lookout

I spent the day planting flowers yesterday, weeding, planting all the extra tomato plants, pepper plants, etc, got the car’s safety inspection and thought I wouldn’t get anything written on Highland Wolf–Lachlan’s story. But I had a bout of inspiration. I love when that happens. And the story flew off my fingertips.

I’m working on the first 1,000 this morning, but want to get out and begin planting again before it gets too hot. I was working out in the sun and heat yesterday and it was just too much. And we’re going out for dinner, I think. Or maybe it’s lunch. My daughter wants some of the ferns that are growing like weeds–love them, remind me of California and the forests, and no matter where I’ve lived, I’ve never been able to grow them, so they just began popping here, making it look like a fairy garden and shading out the weeds. And I need to dig up some esperanza for her too.

So I’m hoping I get it all done AND my writing also.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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