Lion Looking at You (Art Challenge)

This was Tic-Tac-Toe—had to use a mask, border, and photo. The lion was so nice to come and pose for me. They’re usually hiding or sleeping.

Another whirlwind of projects to get done this morning. I try to save as many of my zinnia and sunflower and marigold seeds as I can from the previous year and then plant them in the new year. Well, often scatter them among the other plants and many come up. These are the zinnia mostly. You can see the flower that I’m still breaking apart and some dried flower petals also. I put out most of the sunflower seeds and all the marigolds yesterday.

I’ve tried this with gerbera daisies and coneflowers without success but it works for the others. Not that I won’t keep trying. I will!

I am at 10K on Highland Wolf, published the novella: A United Shifter Force Christmas that was in the anthology Shifters and Mistletoe. If you already purchased Shifters and Mistletoe, you already have this one!

Rowdy Sanderson, a special agent for the United Shifter Force, a group of jaguars and wolves who aid shifters in trouble and deal with those who are trouble, isn’t even one of them. But he wants to be a wolf in the worst way. When a special agent needs help at her USF branch in Ely, Minnesota, he volunteers because he’s the only one in Houston without a family for the holidays. Maybe he will still get his Christmas wish—to be a wolf shifter like some of his friends and coworkers so he will have their “superpowers” to do his job.

Justine Winters is grateful the director of the USF is sending a special agent to her branch in Ely to aid her if she gets swamped. He’s really hot, according to the photos the director sent her of Rowdy, but is he a wolf or a jaguar? Preferably a wolf. But then she learns he’s human! No one’s supposed to know that shifters exist. No way will he be able to sniff out shifters and assist her. She reluctantly agrees to accept him—figuring she’ll have to put him on desk duty.

All that changes when she meets the real man—who desperately wants to be a wolf, who grows on her just like the director said he would, who risks his life for shifters, who she defends to others of her kind for working with the USF. But being the one to bite him has consequences and nothing’s turning out the way she planned.

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Apple coming! And print coming!

Okay, got to get to work! Hope you have a fun day!!!


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