Happy Easter!

Wow, that was fun, hectic, we had a blast, nearly 1-year-old and just turned 5-year-old had a ball at their first ever trip to Disney World. My son-in-law had never been either. Our favorite adult ride was Avator and live-action show was Indiana Jones.

I knew my granddaughter would LOVE everything. She was so excited to see all the Disney characters and ride the rides. But I was surprised to see how much my grandson loved everything too. He was smiling, clapping his hands, just utterly fascinated.

We walked about 5.5 miles every day, pushing strollers, carrying the 26 lb. baby in the heat rushing to get places. And we had some 4 hour night sleeps because of the baby. So now that I’m going back to my routine, writing, editing, getting more sleep, things will be more normal. I usually write on a trip, but just couldn’t manage because of hour early morning rush and late night activities. The only thing that scared the baby was an ibis came over to the table where we were eating and was nearly his size. If the baby had been in our lap, he would have been fine. But he was in a high chair on his own. Otherwise, he loved watching all the birds. Grackles were fine because they were smaller. Oh, and the carousel. He was fine until a certain point and got scared. His daddy just stood next to him. He should have gotten on the horse with him. But otherwise, he loved everything too.

So it was a great adventure! Even the airplane trip was fine. He slept nearly the whole way. Yay!

But now, it’s time to get to work! Well, after Easter! We’re doing an indoor crawly baby Easter egg hunt for the little one and an outdoor one for my granddaughter and my SIL is getting the grill hot for good eats.

Hope you all have a great Easter! 🙂


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