Wolf to the Rescue Video Trailer

Yesterday, I was feeling so crummy, I ended up making a couple of book video trailers, announcing Wolf to the Rescue’s release and then just watched movies until I went to bed. I always feel like I’ve wasted a day doing something like that. But with this head cold, I’ve just felt wiped out.

I ended up taking an extra strength cough suppressant last night and that helped me to sleep better. Today, I’m back to coughing my head off, which is good. I need to get this out of my system and my sinuses are draining again, which is also good. Despite sleeping better, I still feel tired and groggy–no brain cells working to develop the story. Maybe I can weed a little, though that thought wears me out. lol

I think I’ll just vegetate for another day because I’ll have little one back tomorrow, so I need more rest and relaxation. Maybe by Friday, I’ll be feeling more my energizer bunny self and off to tackle the world!

Hope you like the video and have a wonderful day!


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4 thoughts on “Wolf to the Rescue Video Trailer

  1. Mom would always make me a hot lemonade sweetened with honey. I drank it just before i went to bed. This really helped me to get better in a hurry. Especially when I was just coming down with a cold. Guess it helped sweat it out!

    • Oh, that sounds good! I took honey with the cough syrup last night and I think that really helped too. But I’ll have to try this!

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