It’s All Black and White–Photo Art

So the challenge was to have an essentially black background and add white to it. Of course my black and white dogs were up to the challenge. I did consider a black and white chickadee but I used it for another challenge.

I managed another 3,000 words yesterday–yay! And got a better sleep last night. Little one will be here any minute, so fed the dogs, birds, got the garbage out. And getting to my blog before she gets here and I don’t get to it for hours!

I’m only 2,000 words behind. Yay! If I can get a 1,000 today after she leaves, I’ll only be a 1,000 short, since days I have her are free writing days. Sometimes I can’t get any done at all.

We plan to walk, read books, do some workbooks, maybe make cupcakes and play on the splashpad after a nap, and that should be our day.

Hope you all have a lovely one!


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