Blue and Green Darner Dragonflies

I love dragonflies–they eat my bad bugs.

So I alternated between taking pictures of my granddaughter playing on the splashpad and the dragonflies that were eating my bad bugs.

I saw a red one too, but it looked like he didn’t like all the competition for bugs and flew on past. But I could have told him there are TONS of bugs he could eat! Don’t leave. Please.

I managed to get my 2,000 word count yesterday on Highland Wolf Christmas, and proof 3 chapters of Red Wolf Christmas. So I’m working on more proofing today and maybe will get a little of my word count on the other book. It depends if I can think of something, or if I want to just get this other book proofed and turned back in. But I’m already 2,000 words behind on the other book. sigh.

All right, I’m back to proofing. Have a glorious day!!!


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