The Elf, the Kitten, and the Centaur–Fantasy Art

Friends or…not? I couldn’t decide.

I turned in Christmas Wolf Surprise, yay! Made fancy chicks cupcakes with little one, had our walk, played on the splashpad, and read books, did some workbooks, took pictures–we looked up little kid model poses first–and generally had fun! I even managed to get a 1,000 words done on Lachlan’s story.

Now, I’m only 5,000 words behind from having to work on Christmas Wolf Surprise, but that’s okay. I’m hoping to make it up in a few days. I also got approval on the billionaire book, so it’s gone to book making and then it’ll be coming back to me for proofing. That’s Wolf Takes the Lead. Yay!!!

When I get behind on my word count, I feel I’m failing–goofing off, but really, I had an unexpected babysitting day–for about 4 hours on Saturday, and Mother’s Day activities which were so much fun and I have to remember I need to do stuff like that too. 🙂

Okay, so no more goofing off. It’s time to get some word count.

Have a beautiful day!


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