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Thanks so much, Miranda Owens! 🙂❤ Loved your review and I’m glad you enjoyed the story! 🙂

WHILE THE WOLF’S AWAY is a moving story about two steadfast lovers, as well as a triumphant tale of female friendship and empowerment. I loved the side story involving Elizabeth’s friend Sheri. This was a great bit of storytelling involving female friendships.


Woohoo, thanks so much, Annetta Sweetko! I’m glad you loved the story! 🙂 <3

Elizabeth couldn’t leave her dying grandmother and though she was pretty much shunned by the pack members and the leader – a hardhearted, chest thumping alpha – Kintail, isn’t about to let her leave his pack. But Elizabeth is not going to stay after her gran dies, but he doesn’t need to know that. An elaborate plan is set into motion, but will it work, and will the dictator alpha let it go?


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Thanks a bunch, Kim Roller, for loving my books!! 🙂 <3

Terry Spear writes a romantic, tension filled story that keeps the reader on the edge with what will happen next. She keeps you wondering on when the confrontation will come and what will happen once it comes. As the two main characters get closer you are cheering for them to find true love. I look forward to more stories from this favorite author and can’t wait for the next White Wolf book.

And from Darla Taylor, thanks tons, for loving my books!!! 🙂 <3

I love Terry’s books and this one is no exception. The book’s well-written with well-rounded characters, some of whom you’ll like and others you won’t. The story has romance and long distance love between mates with the magic of waiting. It also has intrigue and suspense that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed visiting the white wolves again and am eager for more of Terry’s books. I highly recommend both book and series which I suggest you read in order.

David Davis and his fellow Arctic wolves are seeking a new life in the wilds of Minnesota, away from the controlling pack leader who exploited them. Elizabeth Simpson helped David escape, but the pack leader won’t let her go. It’ll take everything David and Elizabeth have to get out and make a new home…together.

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I managed 3,000 words on the Highland wolf book yesterday, despite all the celebrating. We had fun–my SIL’s birthday, my birthday, my granddaughter’s graduation from preschool to kindergarten.

It’s really hot this morning, so going to take my walk and then trim some trees and write. And play with artwork! When it’s this hot, it’s always nice to swim.

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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