Fan Mussel Remains

I wonder what got the rest of it!

I’m nearly to 86K, but spent 3 hours at the pool with my granddaughter. She is learning to swim under the water and so proud of herself. I’m proud of her. So I told her we could spent another hour, instead of our normal 2, there if she really wanted to swim. (Not play on the pool stairs.) I keep hoping the YMCA will open one of these days and we can go there in the winter. They were put off for 2 years I think it was because of Hurricane Harvey destroying 2 others. Then with Covid, they didn’t begin working on ours. They built the tennis courts because they’re out in the open. So I’m hoping they’ll have the Y open one of these years.

Okay, I’m off to walk before it gets too hot, work on the story and hopefully get somewhere with it today. I had a great idea for another scene and I have another idea I want to incorporate for conflict. So I’ll try to work on both of those today.

Hope you have a fun day!


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